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Tourists around Thamel: How could the area be improved?

Thamel is now the traveller’s centre of Kathmandu, and the Tourism Times wanted to find out just what visitors to Nepal felt about their time there; whether the hectic streets are the attraction or a distraction. We asked a selection of tourists if they thought the area could be improved by amenities such as public toilets, rubbish bins, and controls on the traffic.


Jos & Jolie – The Netherlandsissue 21 color_Page_3

We caught Jos and Jolie whilst walking with their group through a very busy street in Thamel. The ladies have been in Kathmandu visiting a health centre set up by Belgian and Dutch donations, and are very much enjoying their time here. They told us (whilst jumping out of the way of speeding motor bikes) they find the ‘people in Thamel extremely friendly and helpful’, but there could be some improvements to the area itself. They find the place ‘very noisy and the roads dirty’, and suggested that ‘rubbish bins and less traffic in the inner circle could help’.

Trevor & John – Canada

Trevor and John were not so put out by the chaotic streets of Thamel. John said they had ‘come here expecting the busy and noisy roads’ and that it was part of the experience. Having said this, the pair took a minute to think and suggested that better tourist information and maps would help (having spent a fair amount of time in hopeless search of some specific restaurants). They also commented on the electrical wires hanging over head. Being fairly tall men they both admitted to spending a lot of time dodging the loose wires.

Christine & Kim – Denmark

When we asked the couple what they thought could be improved Kim remarked that ‘it is charming the way it is’, and Christine said they had come away ‘to see something different’. However, they both agreed that some small changes could make Thamel even more charming for tourists and locals alike. They told us how they thought the roads were quite dangerous, with lots of bikes speeding through small streets to the tune of constant horns. Both also agreed that ‘dustbins, and a rubbish collection system’ could greatly improve the area, and ‘a system for recycling plastic bottles’ would also be of huge benefit.

Li Mengxing – China

We spoke to Li on her third visit to Nepal. She told us that she finds the rubbish in Thamel and the rest of Kathmandu to be an issue, concerned, she said that the ‘rubbish in the river is a bad situation’. She also commented on the difficulties of local transport in the area, stating that ‘using the local buses is hard for tourists’, and that better signs and tourist information could help improve this.

Molly &Britte – The Netherlands

Molly and Britte seemed happy with the way Thamel is at the moment. They didn’t find the dust and rubbish too troublesome, but they did comment that ‘less traffic and noise would make it a more pleasant place to be’. Before parting they also joked that less flute salesmen might make it easier to get from one side of Thamel to the other.

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Devoted to Promote tourism in Nepal

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